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11 Amazing Kids With Actual Superpowers

There must be something in them that makes them extra special.


One can only dream to have beyond amazing abilities like those people they see in superhero movies. Having superpowers is the stuff of fiction but you might just have second thoughts once you meet these lovely, amazing kids from around the globe.

These kids may not be able to emit optic blasts from their eyes or be able to fly back and forth from earth to space but they all have something that makes them extra special than regular people. They might have heightened senses or their brain works exceptionally – whatever the case, you just can’t explain what they have. Here are real-life kids that possess extraordinary abilities.

#1. The Unfreezable Adas

Hypothermia results when the human body reaches the core temperature of below 95 F. Below 70 degrees F (21 C), death will result. However, a Polish toddler survived through that harrowing situation when he was outside one freezing night. His core temperature reached 54 degrees (12 C) and had to be on an induced coma for a few days. After that, Adas emerged in one piece.

#2. Bionic Kid
Photo by: Ambionics

Sol Ryan suffered a blood clot when he was ten days old that his left arm needs to be amputated. His parents realized there were no functional prosthetics available for him so his Super Dad, Ben, designed a bionic arm and had it 3D-printed for their son.

#3. Super High IQ

When he was two, Jacob Barnett was diagnosed with autism and doctors said he won’t be able to tie his shoelaces on his own. However, Jacob proved the experts wrong because it turned out he has an IQ of 170. In less than a year, the boy finished grades 6-12. By 10 years old, he’s already in college and when he was 13, he became a published physicist.

#4. Wolf Boy

There was once a boy in India called Ramu who can be considered a real-life Mowgli.In 1976, the boy, who’s believed to be about 10, was found in an Indian forest, living with a pack of wolves. Ramu walked on all fours and ate raw meat. He was able to learn how to bathe and put on clothes with the helpf of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. He never learned how to speak and never lost his instict to hunt.

#5. Invincible Boy

In 2007, three-year-old Domenico Bacon (middle) suffered a fate that no one could have survived. A 40-foot tree fell on him and crushed his skull and legs. However, the little one survived it all without brain damage. Other than that, he was able to learn to walk again despite what happened.

#6. The Echolocator

This might just be the Daredevil in real life. Lucas Murray was born blind and so had to use his ears to help him navigate the world around him at five years old. He uses his tongue to make a clicking sound, which will help him “see” objects nearby. It’s a process called echolocation, which is common among dolphins and bats.

#7. The Musical Genius

Prodigies are 1 in a million and Czech pianist Lukáš Vondráček (now 32) happens to be one. By age four, he already had his first public concert.

#8. Aurelien the Autobiographer

It would be nice to remember many beautiful things that happened as you were growing up. But as we grow old, we tend to forget those little moments. Not for 11-year-old Aurelien Hayman, who remembers everything and more – even the slightest detail of the past events in his life.

#9. The Math Genius

Ruth Lawrence became the youngest person to attend Oxford University, at just 10 years old. In two years, she completed her degree and scored the highest among her classmates. Child prodigies rarely become genius in their adult years but Lawrence did. She’s now a 47-year-old mathematician and also an associate professor of mathematics at the Einstein Institute of Mathematics.

#10. Mensa’s Youngest Member

While most toddlers are learning to babble and walk, Adam Kirby became the youngest member of Mensa, the international society for geniuses, at only two years old. He scored 141 on the Stanford-Binet IQ test. Kirby enjoyed learning different languages and reading Shakespeare when kids his age were busy playing with baby toys. He even taught himself the potty at one after reading a book about it.

#11. The Youngest Professional Magician

Daniel Rhodes (now 15) was already performing magic as a professional when he was 9, making him the youngest in Great Britain and one of the youngest in the world.


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