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10 of the Strangest Jobs in the World that Surprisingly Pay Well

Looking for the perfect job that will challenge you and pay you well? Here are a few ideas that might interest you.

Are you currently on a career slump and looking for a more exciting job that will challenge you? Or do you just want to get out of routine work you got yourself into with a desk job that requires you to be at the office from 9-5? Would you consider taking a job that’s considered fun, out of this world and unbelievable so to speak?

Website Career Glider compiled a list of the 10 strangest jobs in the world that actually pay very well. This depends a lot of course on several factors such as: your education, your temperament and uhm, your ability to stomach certain awful or disgusting situations. Hey, we did say that these are the strangest jobs in the world, right? If you think you got the right skills for the job, then go ahead and send in your resume:

1. Medical Tattooist

These are the guys people with severe scars from injuries or illnesses go to. They help disguise the scars by using the colors of the skins natural pigments. They can also sideline as permanent eyeliner artists on the women.

2. Embalmer

Source: Mubi website

Like we said, depending on how far you can stomach doing a certain job, the embalmer is tasked to preserve dead bodies so that family and friends can say goodbye for the last time.

3. Lab Rat Breeder

These guys provide specially-bred rodents for scientific use so they need to have a deep understanding of biology, rats and genetics.

4. Child Wrangler

Source: Ron Tarver

These are the people you depend on during photoshoots, movie and TV sets as they keep the children happy and in the mood. Sometimes, they coach the kids into doing their acting right.

5. Dog Psychologist

These guys treat dogs that suffer from depression, sepanx, or are overly aggressive. If you’re good enough, you just might get your own TV show.

6. Exo-meteorologist

They study the weather of other planets. Why would they even do that, we do not know. But Mr. Spock must have this as one of his subjects back when he was still a kid.

7. Horse Exerciser

Source: Alpha

Does this even need an explanation? Horses need their daily dose of cardio, too. Nevermind that they canter around all day.

8. Pirate Fighter

With the rise of piracy in the Indian Ocean, it’s just but normal to turn to guards for protection. Most pirate fighters are former soldiers from the special forces. Training is required and necessary.

9. Spider Venom Extractor

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You can’t be a pussy if you want this job. Spider venom is used for a lot of scientific lab tests.

10. Sports Mascot

Source: Sangudo

Of course, this one is part of the list. A lot of people have suffered from heat related injuries because the costumes are heavy and hot.

Found the perfect job for you yet? Let us know which one you’ll most probably go for.

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