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10 Math Equations That Went Viral For Stumping The Internet

Can you figure out #9?

Most viral content usually feature hilarious videos or adorable dogs and cats. However, there have also been a few math equations that have made the rounds on the internet for a good reason. Many of us have been stumped by these mathematical problems and probably still don’t know the answers until now.

Most of these viral math equations seem too complicated for an average person. However, the solutions usually turn out to be quite simple and the only reason why we can’t figure it out is because we are overthinking. Here are 10 math equations that have completely stumped the internet.

#1. The Equation With Two Solutions

It starts out pretty simple but then the numbers start to make less sense. This problem was originally shared on Wikr but made its way to Facebook where it baffled hundreds of people.

There are two solutions. The first way to find the solution is to add the equation before combining the sum with that of the previous equation. The second solution involves multiplying the second number of the equation by the number you are adding to it. The correct answer could either be 40 or 96.

#2. The Controversial YouTube Problem

This should be pretty easy if you still remember the order of operations PEMDAS or BODMAS (Parentheses/Brackets, Exponents/Orders, Multiplication-Division, Addition-Subtraction).

The correct answer is 9 but there has been some debate about this. In the version of the rules, which is still taught in many schools, the answer would be 1.

#3. The Common Core Quiz

This one is pretty simple and several people argued that the student was correct in their own way. So why did the teacher mark the answer as wrong? As it turns out, commutativity doesn’t get any rewards.

#4. When Cheryl Gets Secretive With Her Birthday

The problem was initially believed to be a common equation taught in Singapore schools but has since been revealed to be part of a contest for the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO). Still, it’s infuriating why Cheryl simply couldn’t tell everyone her birthday.

With the process of elimination, the correct answer has been revealed to be July 16.

#5. The Second Grade Stumper

It might look difficult but calculating the answer is simpler than it seems. 19 people getting off the train can be represented by -19, and 17 people getting on the train as +17.

-19 + 17 = 2, meaning that there was a net loss of two people. If there are 63 people on the train now, that means there were 65 to begin with.

#6. Not A Math Equation At All

It might look like a math problem but it’s a lot simpler than you think. The image asks what number lot the car is parked in. The answer is 87.

How did we figure that out? Simply turn the picture upside down and you’ll see that the numbers are actually in order.

#7. The Missing $1

The problem starts out pretty simple but ends with a baffling question. However, nothing is actually missing here. It’s just deliberately confusing wording.

Look again. It all adds up if you look at the total, not the debt owed. The missing $1 isn’t missing at all.

#8. If You Have A Few Minutes To Spare

This one is meant for third graders so it should be pretty easy, right? However, you’ll need to use trial and error as well as a process of elimination to figure everything out.

To save time, you can rewrite the snake as an equation and follow the order of operations.

#9. Even MIT Students Are Stumped

You’d probably think that if 50% of MIT, Harvard, and Princeton students can’t get it right, there’s little chance that you will. However, the simple equation truly needs a second look.

People are quick to assume that the ball costs 10 cents. The thing is, one dollar is just 90 cents more than 10 cents, not a full dollar more. The correct answer is five cents: $0.05 + $1.05 = $1.10.

#10. Can You Do It Without A Calculator?

It is believed that only one person out of 10 can figure this out without a calculator. However, you could be that person with the right process.

The easiest way to go about solving this without a calculator is to round the numbers up or down to multiples of five, estimate the answer, and choose the option closest to your estimate.

Sometimes a math equation is only tricky because of the way it is presented. Make sure to remember that when you find another viral math problem on social media.

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