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10 Humblebrag Posts We Usually See Online





Whether you are active or not on social media, it’s impossible to miss a humblebrag post. You might have even posted one.

Basically, humblebragging is someone’s simple but boastful way of saying how awesome his/her life is. Here are some examples of a humblebrag post.

#1. “Just donated at Kids Foundation. Sharing is caring. #feelsogood”

A.K.A The Good Samaritan. There’s a bible verse that says, “Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,” and yet, the rest of the body ends up knowing.

#2. “I look so ugly in this picture. Ugh. #FML”

Source: Pixabay

Then why post it if it’s not a good photo?

#3. “Gifts from mi amore all the way from Europe. Sweet! I wonder how much these all cost him. #bestboyfriendever #relationshipgoals #spoiledgf”

Source: Preview

We get it. You’re in love and over the moon but there’s no need to gush about your relationship with your boyfriend on Facebook.

#4. “Fine dining with friends. Bye, diet! #fatso”

Source: Pxabay

Instagramming every dish you ordered is simply bragging. Need I say more?

#5. “So busy with this big project I’m currently working on that I missed JLo’s concert. 24 hours is not enough! *sad face* #stressed”

Source: Preview

If you are that busy Mr. or Miss self-proclaimed workaholic, how come you still managed to tweet and update your status on Facebook?

#6. “Thank you, Mom and Dad, for my new phone. Never liked the old one anyway. #blessed”

Source: Pexels

Why not thank your folks in person instead? They will appreciate it more than announcing it to the whole Twitter world.

#7. “Yesterday, Paris. Today, Tokyo.#wanderer #tired”

Source: Pixabay

Good for you. We hope you don’t get a jet lag.

#8. “Loubs or Blahnik? Help! Idk what to choose. Might as well get both. #firstworldproblems

Source: Preview

Is it a problem, really? Unfortunately, others are starving and are jobless. Now that’s the real dilemma.

#9. “Last night’s VIP party was EPIC! Wait, how did I get home?”

Source: Pixabay

Tweeting about getting drunk is cool? Nah!

#10. “Not my dream house but this will do. #blessed”

Source: Pexels

So other’s dream house is trash to you?

Whats the most cringe-worthy #humblebrag you’ve ever seen?

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