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10 Extraordinary Stories About Sleep and Waking Up





For most of us, sleeping is a way of resting our tired bodies and restoring our energy for next day’s activities. For others, it’s a escape from reality. Some dream in their sleep, others don’t, while others do things without having any memory of it the next day. Some feel revitalized the next day, while others feel even more tired and restless.

These are ten extraordinary and mind-boggling stories about sleeping and waking up to strange occurrence.

Woman mistakenly declared to be dead woke up in a mortuary freezer and died shortly afterwards


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In 2010, a woman in Los Angeles was declared dead, citing cardiac arrest as the cause. However, a pathologist countered the declaration, saying that she died due to asphyxiation and hypothermia; the body bag in which she was placed was open halfway through and she was found lying face down, her face battered and her nose broken. The hospital denied any foul play or negligence on their part.

Rock icon wrote a verse of a famous song in his sleep


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Rock icon Keith Richards admitted that he composed one of The Rolling Stones’ greatest hits in his sleep. According to him, he fell asleep holding his guitar one night, and the next day he saw a tape recorded during his sleep. Upon playing the tape, he found out that he recorded a verse. In case you’re curious, the song was “Satisfaction”.

Community woke up to a town covered with spider webs


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Australia is known for its diverse wildlife, and this story just proves that. Last May 2015, the community of Goulburn, New South Wales woke up to their yards covered in white. Everyone thought it was a strange occurrence of snow, but upon closer inspection they found out it was spiderwebs – with the spiders still within the tangle of webs.

Man lost his memory and woke up everyday thinking he has a dentist’s appointment


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If waking up realizing that you can’t remember anything is already a shock, then this man’s experience must be hell. Coupled with his memory loss, he’s stuck in a loop where he thinks that he has a dentist’s appointment that day.  The man was given a shot of anaesthetic before his root canal procedure, and his life has never been the same since. He can now only store his memories for 90 minutes, although neuropsychologists can find no signs of brain damage.

Luggage handler woke up inside a plane’s cargo section…in the middle of its flight


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If being caught sleeping on the job is bad enough, then this poor man’s experience is even worse. Ramp agent Willa Junior fell asleep inside the cargo hold of Alaska Airlines flight 448 due to exhaustion. When he woke up, the plane was already airborne. Suffice it to say that the pilot and crew were surprised when they heard the banging coming from the cargo area and found the disoriented ramp agent inside.

Teen woke up with a different personality


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If you are familiar with the now-defunct cartoon series Dexter’s Lab, then probably you’ve seen the episode where the lead character is stuck with saying “omelette du fromage” for the whole day, all because of a malfunctioning taped lesson. That story bears a slight resemblance to this case, where a teen from Chesterfield, England was put under an induced coma due to brain hemorrhage. After waking up, his parents observed a drastic change in his behavior and habits – he began cussing a blue streak and developed an extreme affinity for cheese. According to doctors, it’s normal for people to develop different behavior after waking up from a coma.

Woman woke up from coma and finds out she gave birth


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This story is extremely sad and tragic. A pregnant woman figured in a serious car accident, putting her in a coma. During the months that she was unconscious, she gave birth to a boy. Relatives refrained from naming the child, hoping that the mother can do the honor when she woke up from her coma. She woke up indeed – unfortunately, though, she did not show any signs of recognition when a photo of her child was posted in her room.

Groom woke up to a make-up free wife and sues her


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In this particular instance, it seems that the man was blinded by makeup. A couple from Algeria decided to tie the know last August and unfortunately, one day after their wedding, the man decided to bring his wife to court, stating that he was shocked to see that his wife looked so different without makeup. He is demanding monetary compensation for psychological suffering.

Ejecting bed as an alarm clock


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There’s nothing more different than waking up early in the morning; In fact, most people would probably plead guilty to pressing that snooze button repeatedly. Worry no more though, since the bed ejector is now here to literally throw you off your bed when your alarm sounds in the morning.

Man goes for circumcision but wakes up to having no penis at all


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In 2014, Alabama resident Johnny Lee Banks Jr. willingly came to the Princeton Baptist Center for a circumcision; what he didn’t foresee was that he was going to leave the hospital “manhood-free”. He sued the hospital, but his case was dismissed by the state. The hospital also issued its own statement, stating that it did not commit any act of malpractice and that the plaintiff already had a plethora of existing health issues before the operation.

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