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Hilariously True Differences Between Men and Women

Find out the 12 most comical men and women differences! You won’t stop laughing!

Men and women are complex and different, that’s the gift of human nature. They are different physically, emotionally and many more but despite being different they can get along very well. Have you ever wondered about the small and funny differences men and women have in your everyday life? You probably deal with this most of the time.

It’s interesting to find out these small differences in a light context. Below are pictures you will enjoy, but take note that not all men and women are like these. One thing is for sure, majority can relate to these photos.

#1. How They See Themselves and Their Bodies

Men and women differences 1

Photo credit: Axeeel / Imgur

Many women think that they are supposed to look perfect all the time. Even the smallest unnoticeable flaws are being improved. Most men are more confident. They appreciate their bodies and health is more important for them.

#2. Thoughts When a Woman Pass By

Men and women differences 2

Photo credit: Axeeel / Imgur

Many women initially spot what a stunning woman is wearing; the brand, design, colors and wonder about it. Most men but not all, check out the appearance of a lady passing by whether it is her face or body. Do you agree?

#3. Time to Get Ready for Work

Men and women differences 3

Photo credit: Axeeel / Imgur

This is one of the most hilarious photos here. Is this 100% true? Men finish preparation quickly while most women take very long time putting make up, choosing the perfect clothes and shoes to wear.

#4. Social Network Activity

Men and women differences 4

Photo credit: Axeeel / Imgur

What can you say about this? Are men more interested on reading the news feed without commenting or hitting the like button? Are they more interested in games than social networks? On the other hand, women in this photo love to keep in touch with friends all the time and are up to date with everybody’s lives. (More next page…)


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