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Behold, the Woman With the Most Perfect Body According to Science!

Women all over the world may or may not admit that at least once, we dreamed of having the ‘perfect body’. But given the different notions of what an ideal body is, is there really such a thing as the one true perfect body? Others may argue that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or body perfection is but a social construct. But at least according to science, there is a standard measurement to a perfect body image.

Scientists reveal that the perfect woman should have a height of 1.68 meters or 5’5″. She should also have a bust-waist-hip measurement of 99-63-91 cm or 39-25-36 inches. Of course, an “all-natural” body without any surgeries or alterations is considered to be even more perfect. Luckily, there is one woman alive today who we can look into as an example of this so-called perfect body. She is model-actress-and TV personality Kelly Brooks.

The woman with the scientifically perfect body…

The woman with the scientifically perfect body...

According to researchers from the University of Texas, scientifically-speaking, the perfect woman should be able to fulfill the functions for evolution and procreation. The criteria to fulfill this are: attractiveness to the opposite sex, fertility, capacity for child-bearing, and overall health. The researchers presented female body images corresponding to certain weight, height, body measurements, hair length, and face shape. These images are then correlated to perceptions of attractiveness to men, and what women rate as their ideal body image.

The perfect vital statistics: 39-25-36

A 39-25-36 vital statistics is considered perfect.

This report from the University of Texas has drawn some heated arguments, especially from feminists. One of which is why are we even considering having a perfect body for women. Furthermore, why is “perfection” anchored on trivial and sexist criteria such as attractiveness to males, or capacity to rear children. On the other hand, some are praising the findings since it erases the notion that a perfect body is that of stick-thin runway and fashion models.

As can be seen by the examples of Kelly Brook’s pictures, the figure that the “perfect body” measurement promotes is a curvy and full-figured female. And this is quite contrary to the slender and tall women that the fashion industry promotes. Kelly Brooks herself recount the times where she was called ‘too plump’ by scouts in the fashion industry.

Move over runway models, plump and curvy is what science considers perfect.

Plump and curvy is what science considers perfect

However, is this criteria for the woman’s “perfect body” forever? There is a possibility that it can change over the years since the results rely heavily on public opinion and perception. And to demonstrate how easily we humans change our minds regarding our “ideal” body types, take a look at this video:

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How about you, do you think it is right to note a “perfect body” for women? What are your thoughts on this matter, share below in the comments section. And please share this article as well!


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