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Husband Caught Cheating Wife with Her Lover in their Matrimonial Bed

Love is a strong emotion that can sometimes drive us to do things we cannot comprehend. It clouds our judgment, and it makes us brave enough to fight for that person no matter what the cost. Sometimes, we even disregard other people’s feelings so we can be happy with the ones we love.

Most people would advise us to follow our heart’s desires and not to settle with a person that we don’t love, or no longer love. But, is this a suitable advice for married couples? Married couples do encounter numerous trials in their relationships, but is it right to have an illicit affair because of it? What would you do if you find your partner sleeping next to another man or woman?

A video about infidelity that recently circulated the internet has sparked an outpouring of both sympathy and anger from thousands of social media users. Although we cannot understand any of the words said, the viewers can clearly guess what might have happened.


Apparently, the man in the video came home unexpectedly and caught his wife with another man in their matrimonial bed!


The guy’s bloodied face and the huge, red stain on his left shoulder suggest that the husband had already physically assaulted him before the video was taken.


But the beatings must not have been enough. The furious husband attacked the guy again and struck his cheating wife after.

Watch the video:

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In this day and age, several stories and videos about scandalous extramarital affairs have been posted on the web. And most videos have shown how their heartbroken partners used violence and public shaming as revenge. We cannot condone infidelity; it is morally wrong to cheat on your partners regardless of your personal reasons. But, is it right to humiliate them publicly? Moreover, do you think the husband in the video did the right thing by using violence against the people who wronged him?

What would you have done if you were in his shoes? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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