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They Thought This 5 Year Old Girl Has a Tumor. But Doctors Discover a Shocking Truth!

Lina Medina, a girl born in Ticrapo, Peru in 1933, became the youngest mother in history after giving birth at the age of five.

Because of her increasing abdominal size, Lina’s parents brought her to a hospital where doctors initially thought she was suffering from massive abdominal tumour. After conducting medical examination, the youngster’s physician Dr. Gerardo Lozada was shocked to find out that  Lina was actually 8-months pregnant.

Meet Lina, the world’s youngest mother at the age of 5.


Truly a medical marvel, Lina had fully developed mammary glands and sexual organs due to a condition known as “precocious puberty”. Her parents revealed that Lina had been having her menstruation since the age of three. After examining Lina, doctors were astounded to discover that the young girl began having her period when she was only 8 months old.

Lina had fully developed sexual organs due to a medical condition.


Lina’s son, whom she named Gerardo after her doctor, weighed over 6 pounds at birth. Her son grew up believing that she was actually his big sister. However, when Gerardo he turned 10, Lina revealed their real relationship. Her son lived a healthy life until he passed away at the age of 40 after succumbing to a bone marrow disease.

Lina’s son grew up believing she was his big sister.

The young mother’s father was arrested by the police due to suspicions of rape and child abuse. Since there wasn’t enough evidence against him, he was later released.

Gerardo’s real father was never identified.


Many have tagged the shocking story of Lina as hoax but the doctors who handled the young girl’s case were able to show photos, X-ray, and documentation proving the five-year-old girl’s pregnancy. Snopes, the number one hoax slayer in the internet listed this bizarre case on their website as real.

Watch her shocking story below.

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