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Sørvágsvatn: A Lake Above the Ocean

It’s the biggest lake in the Faroes Island, and it’s above the North Atlantic Ocean.

Between Iceland and Norway lies the biggest lake of the Faroe Islands— Lake Sørvágsvatn or Leitisvatn, a 6-kilometer-long body of water located on the island of Vágar.

At first glance, the calm lake appears as if it is sitting hundreds of feet high above the ocean. But, this is just an optical illusion.

The camera’s position and the angle of the shot made it look like the lake and the cliff are of the same level.


Photo credit: Conor MacNeill

The lake is only 30 meters above sea level, although the cliff facing the camera is approximately 100 meters high.


Photo credit: Didymus21


You’ll see the Bøsdalafossur waterfall from this view. It is the lake’s outlet into the North Atlantic Ocean.


Photo credit: reddit



Photo credit: amusingplanet


Photo credit: homenet.seesaa.

The residents of Sørvágur were the first settlers on the land, which is why they named the lake after their village. However, the inhabitants of Miðvágur, a village closer to the lake, named it Leitisvatn since the land next to the lake is called Leiti.


Photo credit: eileensanda/ Flickr

The locals then resolved to simply call it “Vatni” meaning “The Lake”.


Photo credit: Jeroen Weymiens

Isn’t it amazing?

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The Wonder of Santa Margarida: A Chapel Right Inside A Volcano

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At the Natural Park of La Garrotxa, there are several walking routes that will lead tourists to an interesting awe-inspiring wonder.

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Western Australia’s ‘Most Haunted’ Building Rebrands Itself To Attract More Tourists

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While Oakabella Homestead has successfully marketed itself as the most haunted building in Western Australia - thanks to the tales of lost souls and malevolent spirits that once intrigued its guests - its new owners believe that its high time for its image to be changed.

The Oakabella Homestead was built in 1851, or 10 years earlier than its neighboring town, Northampton 460km from Perth, in the picturesque Chapman Valley. With the site’s eerie history, which includes multiple deaths including that of a 3-year old child and a worker who shot himself, it is easy to understand why its previous owners made money from ghost tours and scary stories.

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