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Badass Grandma Went Skydiving, Swimming with Sharks on her 100th Birthday!

Reaching your 100th birthday is an achievement enough. Most people don’t get to live that long. Those who reach their centenarian year are often confined to their houses or retirement homes, being tended by nurses who monitor these seniors’ delicate health.

Well, not THIS centenarian. When I learned about what she did for her 100th birthday, all the “extreme” stuff that I did felt so lame in comparison. Georgina Hardwood celebrated her birthday like no other centenarian can – she went skydiving. Damn, lady!

Watch the video:

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She was strapped to skydiver Jason Baker for the tandem jump. And check this out, this was not the first time she went skydiving. This is actually her THIRD time to fly. Her first skydive happened when she was 92 YEARS OLD. She completed the dive and landed solidly on the ground, where family and friends cheered her on and gave her a celebratory drink.  Atta girl, Georgina!

Bonus: Georgina swimming with Sharks!

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