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Adventurer Does a T********* Descent Into an Active Volcano!

Into the depths of hell!

There are people who don’t hesitate doing d****-defying things in the name of adventure and science. This is certainly what Sam Cossman, filmmaker, adventurer, and all-around badass, certainly had in mind when he lowered himself into the crater of a totally active volcano, above a fiery lava lake in Vanuatu. You can’t get any braver than this dude.

Descent into hell…


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Imagine how hot this is…


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Sam and his team made several expeditions into the active Magnum crater at the multi-island nation of Vanuatu.The crater is one of the only seven lava lakes in the world. With the help of a stellar crew of volcanologists, videographer, astrobilogist, and drone pilot, as well as funds from sponsor, Sam made his t********* descent into the scorching hot lake. Wearing a suit that can withstand 3,000F of intense heat and heat-resistant rope, he placed himself at the lowest point of safety and let the drone take intense pictures of this astounding achievement.

The drone took pictures of the action…


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“It’s a dangerous place – getting to the bottom requires a 1200 foot vertical descent into the depths of the caldera, an area so immense that it could easily swallow the Empire State Building…Toxic super heated gas, falling boulders, acid rain, and violent expulsion of molten rock are among the many perils of the dangerous journey,” he said.

He made it!


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Such an intense backdrop!


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Watch this video and see how it all went down:

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Like we said, Sam and his team did this in the name of science. The project’s aim was to get a better understanding of how microbial life could exist and colonise in such an extreme environment.


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