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This Stunning 50-Year-Old Model Proves Age is Just a Number

Candy Lo Lam defies age as she is a stunning 50-year-old model actress who posed in bikini in her photo book, “Timeless”.

Many women fear getting old as it would make them less of a beauty. Everything starts to sag at the age of 40, but Candy Lo Lam, a model and actress from Hong Kong, seems to have cheated nature with her good looks and stunning physique!

And Candy isn’t just your typical stress-free 50-year-old woman. Reports say that this golden girl went through divorce as she was physically abused by her ex-husband. She is even raising her three sons on her own!

Now that Candy’s 50, she has decided to pose for a photo shoot to celebrate her age. Once hailed Miss Asia in 1991, Candy’s beauty queen looks never faded!

Take a look at her photos and you be the judge!

Candy Lo Lam may look just like a typical Asian actress and model.


Well, sure she’s got the face and body for it!


But there’s more to her than just her face and body!


This stunning beauty is actually 50!


And she recently even posed for a photo book celebrating her golden age called “Timeless”.


She even posed in bikini in most of the pages.


More than her beautiful face and body…




This golden beauty is actually a single mother of three.



Still can’t get enough of Candy? Follow her on Instagram, and find out where she credits her beauty from: a healthy lifestyle, a positive outlook, and her love for the family!

Indeed, age is just a number! What do you think of this 50-year-old stunner? Leave a comment below.

H/T: Dailymail UK, Sporela


Two Teenage Boys Rescue an Elderly Disabled Man and His Wife Inside Their Sinking Car

With nothing but their rubber dinghy, two Belgian boys bravely rescued an elderly couple from drowning inside their sinking car.


Beervelde, Belgium --- Two teenagers named Robbe Haems, 17, and Bjorn Cuvelier, 18, bravely rescued an elderly couple from drowning when their car crashed into a lake at a surf club. The couple sat helplessly inside their sinking car as the water steadily filled the vehicle’s interior.

Apparently, Eric, the male driver, drove too close to the edge of the bank because he and his wife, Cecile, wanted to get a better view of their grandchildren who were surfing that time. Eric accidentally stepped on the accelerator, which made their silver car plummet into the lake.

The teenagers who spotted the sinking vehicle quickly hopped on a rubber dinghy to help the couple.

According to Robbe, the couple were surprisingly quiet.


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Hours after Being Declared Dead, 92-Year-Old Woman Comes Back to Life in Freezing Morgue

How would you react if you were the funeral worker?


An elderly woman spent 11 hours inside a cold storage in a mortuary after a doctor mistakenly pronounced her dead.

The seriously ill woman was found by a careworker not breathing and without a pulse at a retirement home. She was declared dead by a 53-year-old doctor who examined her.

After being pronounced dead, the body of the woman was brought to the Munstermann funeral parlour in Berlin.
But to everyone’s surprise, the 92-year-old woman suddenly woke up inside a refrigerated room in the funeral parlour.  The worker rushed inside the cold storage after hearing shrieks and was shocked to discover that it actually came from the elderly woman.

Reportedly, the stunned worker fainted after seeing the woman inside the mortuary bag staring back....

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Father Took The Same Photo with His Son For 28 Years. The Last Photo Made Me Smile.

The last photo brought a lump in my throat…


Seeing a young family grow old in photos is reminder that life is indeed beautiful.

In this incredible photo series, a father and son took the same photo for 27 years showing their remarkable transformation as a family.

Beginning in 1986, the young father is seen cradling his newborn son. Each photo taken every year shows us how the duo grows old together and keep their tight relationship. As the son turns into an adult and starts to resemble his father, the father begins to have wrinkles, pack on weight , and grow white hair.

The photo series itself is touching enough but the last photo will probably get you teary-eyed....

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